Below are some of the most common questions we receive at the Avalon Free Public Library. If you have a question that isn't answered below, feel free to call us at 609-967-7155, or reach us using our online contact form.

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A. Visiting

10. Can I check out magazines?

Yes, in most cases. Current and back issues of most magazines can be checked out for a period of 1 week. No issues of Consumer Reports can be checked out, however, you can access the Consumer Reports database online using your library card by clicking here.

12. Can I request materials?

Yes. If you would like to borrow something that the library does not have, you can submit a request for the item in person at the circulation desk, over the phone, or using a simple online form here. A staff member will then do their best to obtain the item by either purchasing it or having it brought in via Inter-Library Loan (ILL). Items received via ILL cannot always be renewed, cannot be sent out or returned via Library By Mail, and may take up to 2 weeks to arrive, so please take that into consideration before requesting an item. If the library is unable to obtain the item through any available means, a staff member will notify you.

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1. How do I get a library card?

Come by the library and ask to join. You will need to fill out a brief form, present your driver's license, and if you own property in Avalon or Cape May County, provide proof of ownership, like a bill or other mail. If you live in Avalon or Cape May County year-round and the address is on your driver's license, no further proof is required. If you have owned a property in Avalon for 6 months or more, we can usually verify it for you. If you are renting in Avalon, you will need to provide proof of that, like a rental agreement or confirmation email.

You can also apply for a library card online here.

2. I don't live in Avalon, can I use the library?

Yes. In addition to Avalon residents and property owners, the following people are eligible to receive a library card: Avalon vacation renters, Cape May County residents, Avalon business employees, Avalon Borough employees, and members of libraries associated with COIL (Absecon Free Public Library, Atlantic City Free Public Library, Linwood Free Public Library, Longport Public Library, Margate Public Library, Millville Public Library, Ocean City Free Public Library, Otto Bruyns Public Library of Northfield, and Vineland Public Library).

Other visitors to the area may be eligible for a subscriber card by paying a fee, ask at the Library for more information.

However many of the services we offer do not require membership, such as computer & internet use, program attendance, printing, and faxing. We also offer a selection of "Beach Reads" in our front porch area that are free for everyone to take (and leave!).

3. Can I get my grandchild a library card?

If you are the child's legal guardian you will be able to get them a card. If you are not, you will need their parent or other legal guardian to sign the application as well. We can give you the form to take with you and get signed, and then can issue the card when you return with it. You can also download the form here to get it signed before you come in.

6. I lost my library card, what do I do now?

Come into the library and we will replace your card. We can also mail a replacement card to you at your primary address. When getting a replacement card, please let us know if you use Overdrive or Libby so we can transfer your online account to your new card.

7. Do I need a PIN or password to use my library card?

No, you do not need a PIN or password to access and use your library account. A password is also not required for many of the online services we offer, as simply your library card number and possibly your email address will be enough to access them. Some however, like Kanopy, Hoopla, PressReader, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal, will require you to create a free account with them, and that account will require you to create and use a password.

1. Do I need a library card to attend events?

No. Our events are open to everyone, regardless of whether or not they are members of the library. Events that require registration do offer priority access to Avalon residents and property owners.

2. Do I need to sign up for events?

While many of our events do not require registration, due to limited seating or supplies, some programs do require it. This will always be noted in the event description online or by the presence of an asterisk (*) in our printed program guides. Events that require registration are available to sign up for Avalon residents and property owners 1 month before their scheduled date, and 2 weeks prior to their scheduled date for everyone else.

3. Do I need a ticket to attend an event?

We have required tickets to attend select events in the past, though there are not currently any events planned that will require this. In the event that an event does require a ticket, it will be noted in the event description everywhere that it appears, and we will also utilize our webpage and social media accounts to make people aware. If you ever have any concerns about this feel free to ask at the front desk or call the library at 609-967-7155.

4. Do you offer language learning classes or services?

We usually offer language learning courses in the summer, keep an eye on our Calendar or our Events page on Facebook to learn about them as they are scheduled. In addition, you can use your library card online to access the Rosetta Stone program. To access it, head to our Digital Library page, locate the "Learn" heading, and find it in the carousel. Also, we have a selection of language learning books and audiobooks, which can be found in the library in nonfiction in the 400's using the Dewey decimal system (or you can ask for help at the front desk).

6. Do you offer technology classes?

We offer a variety of classes on technology topics throughout the year, check our Calendar or our Events page on Facebook to learn about them as they are scheduled. In addition, we offer open technology workshops throughout the year, in which you can drop by at any point during the scheduled time and ask questions about the device type highlighted. Technology help is also available most days all year long, but it is recommended to schedule an appointment before coming in, by calling the library at 609-967-7155.

7. Do you hold a book club?

Yes. In fact we offer 4! Our regular book club meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, our romance book club meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, our mystery book club meets on the 4th Thursday of each month, and our history book club meets the 1st Wednesday of select months throughout the year, each from 6:00 to 7:30pm. Please note that this schedule can change due to special events, holidays, weather or other reasons at our descretion. Keep an eye on our Calendar or our Events page on Facebook to learn about any changes as they are announced.

8. Do you offer a children's story time?

Yes. September through early June we offer children's story time every Wednesday at 10:00 am. It is open to children of all ages, but suggested for ages 3 and under. It includes stories and songs. We also host monthly kids' and family activities and during the summer months we have many children's activities throughout the week, including story times.

Keep an eye on our Calendar or our Events page on Facebook to learn about upcoming programs or any changes as they are announced. 

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1. Do you offer public wifi access?

Yes. We offer free access to wifi inside and immediately around our facility. Our network is named "avalonlibrary" and there is no password, though you will have to agree to usage terms on a splash screen before being able to use the service.

2. Do you offer printing?

Yes. You can print documents on our public printer from one of our public computers or from your own device using one of the methods on our Technology Services page under the heading of "Wireless Printing." Either way, you will need to retrieve your print job at the Print Release Station located near the public computers. There is currently no charge for printing, though we do impose a limit of 25 pages per user per day.

3. Do you offer photocopying?

Yes. A self-service, black & white photocopier is available to use near the entrance to the Children's room. Color photocopies can be made using the Scan Station and selecting the option to "Print in Color". There is currently no charge for photocopying services, though we do impose a limit of 25 pages per user per day.

12. Do you loan out video games?

Yes. We offer a variety of the most popular games for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo WiiU, and Nintendo Switch. Patrons can browse the selection by looking through the plastic sleeves located near the CD's, which they can then bring to the front desk to exchange for their desired game. Patrons may borrow 2 video games per card for a period of 2 weeks.

13. Do you loan out video game consoles?

Yes. We currently offer the following video game consoles to borrow: Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Wii, Playstation 4, and Xbox 360. These are available for a period of 1 week, and may only be checked out by Avalon property owners and renters.

15. Can you help me with my phone, computer, or other device?

Yes. We have several staff members who are more than happy to offer assistance with your device. For quick questions feel free to pop in and see who is available at the front desk or at the tech help desk located near the rear exit. For more in-depth issues it is suggested that you make an appointment, either by visiting the front desk or calling the library at 609-967-7155.

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1. Do you accept donations of items?

Yes! We will accept books, audiobooks, DVD's, and CD's that are in good condition. If the items are moldy, musty, or damaged we cannot accept them. We also do not currently accept donations of encyclopedias, magazines, or VHS tapes.