Welcome to the Avalon Library and History Center “Around Town” Photo Scavenger Hunt! To complete the hunt, follow the clues below and get your answers on camera! Once you’ve answered all the clues, show us your photos by September 10 to be entered to win a cooler of Avalon Library beach essentials. 

Please organize your phone photos in a folder for easy access.


 A place in town where you might play games outdoors.

     This special box helps make green cars go.

       An Avalon street sign of your favorite number.

         An Avalon Business with an animal as part of its name.

           This park was named after a former Avalon mayor’s wife.

             A spectacular sight, whether you’re looking east in the morning or west in the evening.

               The church that is no longer a church but still looks like a church.

                 A sign from Avalon’s past.

                   The first place your family stops for a treat when you get into town.

                     A kite that flies year-round.

                       A house that is at least 100 years old.

                         A book by one of the Library’s 2021 virtual summer authors.

                          A place where you can WALK through a STORY.

                           A boat meant for play, not saving the day.

                             A walk through Avalon’s maritime forest.

                              Hint: A visit to the Library and the History Center can help “clue” you in for a few spots!