With the new Avalon Pollinator Garden in Armacost Park as the backdrop, Pat Sutton (educator, author, and long-time wildlife gardener) will focus on pollinators and the crucial role they play.  As E.O. Wilson so succinctly said, insects are “the little things that run the world.”  Insects pollinate 87.5% of all plants, and 90% of all flowering plants.  Sutton will showcase resources she uses to ID, understand, and enjoy beneficial pollinators: butterflies and moths, bees and wasps, hummingbirds, and even ornately-patterned flies.  Learn how healthy pollinator habitats host multiple generations each year of butterflies, moths, and bees.  Flowers are just part of the equation; safe nest sites are crucial too (i.e. the way you garden)! This event is co-sponsored by the Avalon Environmental Commission and the Avalon Free Public Library. 

Rain date June 30

The Pollinator Garden is locacted on the northwest corner of Armacoast Park.