Discovery Kits are fun and interactive learning kits created to introduce new concepts and activities to all ages. There are many kits to choose from. Some highlight imagination-based play using kits that contain blocks, magnets and idea cards. Musical instrument kits encourage learning and love of music. Elementary-aged children are introduced to concepts like identification through birdwatching and seashore kits and teens and adults can explore metal detecting, board games, and coloring for meditation. View all of our kits below in detail and request one for checkout today!



Being played from the 1800's onward, this game is an enduring favorite for a reason.

This kit contains everything you need to learn how to play, or just to enjoy a game with friends.

Ages: Adult 

  • 2 decks of cards
  • Book: Bridge for Dummies
  • Pamphlet: Bridge at a Glance
  • 4 bid boxes

Coloring For Meditation

Studies have shown coloring can help to reduce stress and help you focus, never mind that it's also pretty fun!

Perfect for a rainy day or just to help you relax.

Ages: 12 - Adult 

  • 24-pack ultra fine point colored markers
  • 24-pack fine point colored markers
  • 50-pack colored pencils
  • Pencil sharpener
  • 3 coloring books

Murder Mystery Party: A Taste for Wine & Murder

Liven up your next dinner party by killing off one of your guests! Not really, of course, but in the context of a fun murder mystery game!

You'll find everything you need for an evening of intrigue including a book about wine to help ensure a perfect night.

Ages: Adult 

  • 6 clue pages
  • 8 character cards
  • 8 character booklets
  • Party planner booklet
  • CD
  • Book: Wine Folly



Start your budding young astronomer on their journey to the stars with this fun set of materials all about space!

Ages: 8+

  • Grade K-4 DVD: Space Science for Children
  • Grade 6-12 DVD: Greatest Discoveries with Bill Nye: Astronomy
  • Book: DK Starfinder with planet / star chart wheel
  • Book: Once Upon a Starry Night: A Book of Constellations
  • Book: Solar System: Stars
  • Quiz set: Hot Dots Astronomy Science Cards with Hot Dots pen 


South Jersey is one of the best places for birdwatching in the world, so why not spend time with your kids looking for the many beautiful species that pass through the area?

This kit has everything you need to get started with this relaxing activity.

 Ages: 4+

  • 2 pairs of binoculars
  • Children's field guide to birds
  • Adult field guide to birds
  • 2 elementary level books of bird biology & habitat
  • Grade K-4 level DVD
  • Grade 6-adult level DVD 

Build It!

K'NEX pieces are a great way for children to learn about creating simple machines and get an introduction to the fundamentals of engineering.

This kit also includes a book and a DVD to help explain the themes to them.

Ages: 3-7 [WARNING: Choking hazard for children under the age of 3] 

  • Set of 131 Kid K'NEX pieces (including rods, connectors, and blocks)
  • Kid K'NEX idea booklet
  • Grade PreK - 2 book: Simple Machines: Wheels, Levers, and Pulleys
  • Grade K - 4 DVD: Physical Science for Children: All About Simple Machines 

Build It Jr.

If your little one isn't old enough for smaller pieces, but still likes to build, this is the perfect kit for them! 

The larger sized Prism Bricks allow them to safely express their creativity and learn the basics of building.

Ages: 2-6 

  • 77 Prism Bricks building pieces
  • 4 building mats


Chess, Checkers & Backgammon

This kit contains 3 classic games in one! Everything you need to play perennial favorites chess, checkers, and backgammon is included.

Perfect for a rainy day or just to exercise your brain!

Ages: 8+ 

  • Double-sided game board
  • 30 checkers
  • 32 chess pieces
  • 2 dice

Coloring for Kids

Kids love to color, and it's good for them too! It helps develop motor skills, coordination, and creativity.

And of course it's a lot of fun too! Great for rainy days.

Ages: 3+ 

  • Crayons
  • Coloring Materials



Double Fifteen Dominoes

Get started playing several classic domino games!

The colored dots make it easier to match numbers and the starter piece makes the Mexican Train game easier to play.

Instructions are also included for other games you can try.

Ages: 8+. 2-10 players. 

  • Instruction sheet for 20 domino games
  • 136 color dot dominoes
  • 4 trains for Mexican train
  • 1 starter piece for Mexican train

Duct Tape Crafts

We already know how handy duct tape is when we need to fix something, but have you tried crafting with it?

This kit includes everything you need to get started making stunning works of art and cool crafts using duct tape in a variety of colors and patterns.

Ages: 10+ 

  • Book: Sticky Fingers DIY Duct Tape Projects
  • Rolls of assorted duct tape
  • Roll of string
  • Glue stick
  • Ruler
  • Black Sharpie marker
  • Assorted key chain clips
  • Assorted popsicle sticks
  • Assorted colored card stock

Duplo Blocks

Perfect for kids who aren't yet old enough for Legos but who still enjoy building.Duplo

Ages: 1½ - 5





Family Card Games

Everyone loves getting together for a good game of cards, and this kit includes everything needed for a variety of popular favorites.

In addition to a standard deck, you'll find cards for Go Fish, Old Maid, Memory, and enduring favorite Uno.

Ages: 4+ 

  • Book: Card Games for Kids
  • Deck of oversized playing cards
  • Deck of 3 in 1 cards (Go Fish, Old Maid, Memory)
  • Deck of Uno cards



Imagination Magnets

These colorful magnets can help kickstart the creativity of any child!

They can use the included idea cards to get inspired, or just create whatever their imaginations dream up!

Ages: 3+ 

  • 42 magnetic blocks
  • 50 idea cards
  • Folding magnet board

Keva Brain Builders

This fun game is a great way to help kids learn about logical thinking and problem solving.

Each of the puzzle cards contains a diagram of an object that can be made using the included blocks, along with some basic instructions. From there it's up to your kids to figure out how to build it. Fun and creative!

Ages: 7+ 

  • 20 Keva blocks
  • 30 puzzle cards
  • Storage pouch

Laser Light Peg Dinosaurs

Build your own dinosaur using these connectable blocks, and then light it up!

Everything you need to build your own glowing dino is included in this kit.

Ages: 5+ 

  • Assorted colored blocks
  • Clear laser light pegs
  • base
  • battery replacement guide
  • project guide
  • 8 Smithsonian Little Explorer books

Lego Freeplay

One of the world's most popular toys, Lego bricks have been inspiring the creativity of children since 1932.

This kit comes with more than enough pieces to help your child bring their ideas to life.

Ages: 4+ 

  • 1408 Lego pieces
  • 5 Lego mats
  • Book: The Lego Book

Make It With Cord!

Take your friendship bracelets to the next level by using paracord instead of string!

This kit comes with everything you need to make countless crafts from this durable material.

Ages: 8+ 

  • Book: Crafting with Paracord
  • Book: Friendship Bracelets All Grown Up
  • Pair of jewelry pliers
  • Hemp cord
  • Paracord
  • Embroidery floss
  • Assorted beads
  • Keychain clips
  • Bracelet clasps

Making Music

Every budding musician needs to start somewhere.

The children's instruments included in this kit are a great way to encourage your child to discover this fulfilling skill.

Ages: 3+

  • Book: Music Everywhere!
  • DVD: "Music Makers: Live-Action Musical Adventures!"
  • CD: "Baby Einstein: Baby Mozart"
  • CD: "Baby Einstein: Playdate Fun"
  • CD: "Mozart's Magnificent Voyage"
  • 1 pair maracas
  • 1 pair castanets
  • 1 pair cymbals
  • 1 triangle w/ stick
  • 1 wood hand drum w/ stick
  • 1 xylophone w/ stick
  • 1 clacker
  • 1 tambourine
  • 1 wooden shaker

My Weird School: The Game

Based off of Dan Gutman's popular series of children's books, this fun card game uses humor to help teach kids reading, math, and strategic thinking skills.

Ages 6-10+ 

  • 4 sentence boards
  • 110 playing cards
  • Score sheets
  • Pencils
  • Rule booklet


Master the classic Japanese art of origami with this kit. It contains books written for every grade level along with more than enough paper to get you started.

Ages: 4+ 

  • pack 6x6 in. multicolored origami paper
  • pack 8x8 in. multicolored origami paper
  • Grade PreK - 2 book: Folding for Fun: Origami for Ages 4 and Up
  • Grade 2 - 5 book with video code: Learn to Fold Origami: Ocean Life
  • Grade 2 - 5 book with video code: Learn to Fold Origami: Pets
  • Grade 6 - adult book: Origami and Math
  • Craft kit: Dollar Bug-ami 


This game is a lot of fun for the whole family, and helps kids develop skills like spacial recognition, problem solving, and planning.

Ages: 6+ 

  • 108 tiles in a drawstring bag
  • Rule book
  • Scoresheets
  • 4 golf pencils


Has your child expressed interest in the many different kinds of seashells they encounter on the beach?

This kit will help kids of all ages learn about these fascinating finds.

Ages: 5+ 

  • Magnifying glass
  • Bag of shells for practice identification
  • DVD: "DK Eyewitness DVD: Seashore"
  • Grade K - 2 book: Seashore and Tides
  • Grade K - 2 book: Why Do Oceans Have Tides?
  • Grade 4 - Adult book: Smithsonian Handbook: Shells
  • Grade 6 - Adult book: Peterson Field Guides: Shells of the Atlantic
  • Grade 6 - Adult book: Stokes Beginner's Guide to Shore Birds


The popular game Jenga is a great way to spend some time together as a family.

Not only will everyone have fun, but your kids will actually learn a lot about structural engineering, problem solving, and strategic thinking!

Ages: 6+ 

  • Jenga blocks
  • Rules sheet


Snap Circuits

Kids can learn about the basic of electrical engineering with this fun kit! Snap Circuits

Ages: 8 - Adult

  • 1 clear plastic grid
  • 31 snap-on pieces
  • 1 block layout
  • 1 instruction manual
  • 4 AA batteries

Tall-Stacker Building Pegs

Building toys are some of the best ways to inspire learning in your children.

This kit includes enough pegs and mats to help your little ones build the tower of their dreams!

Ages: 3+ 

  • 100 colored pegs
  • Peg board
  • 17 crepe rubber shapes and mats


Zentangle helps you to relax away your worries through drawing intricate patterns.

This kit has everything you need whether you're just getting started, or already experienced with this trendy craft.

Ages: 9+ 

  • 24 pack fine-point colored Sharpies
  • 12 pack ultra-fine-point colored Sharpies
  • Pack of Zentangle squares
  • Pack of black fine-point markers
  • Pack of art pencils
  • DVD: "Zentangle Apprentice"
  • Grade 4 - 7 book: How to Art Doodle: Color Patterns
  • Grade 4 - 7 book: How to Art Doodle: Simple Patterns
  • Grade 8 - Adult book: Joy of Zentangle


Bird Bingo

A bingo game based on bird identification.Bird Bingo

Ages: 6+, up to 6 players


  • matching
  • animal identification
  • rule-based play


  • 1 instruction booklet
  • 1 game board
  • 12 bingo game cards
  • 64 bird chips in drawstring cloth bag
  • 200 bingo counters

Code & Go: Robot Mouse

Use hands-on coding skills to build a maze and use coding cards to create a step-by-step path for 2 programmable mice; program the steps and watch the robot mice race to find the cheese. Mice light up, make sounds, and have 2 speeds.Code & Go: Robot Mouse

Ages: 5+


  • coding
  • critical thinking
  • problem solving


  • 1 activity guide
  • 60 double-sided coding cards
  • 10 double-sided activity cards
  • 1 cheese wedge
  • 16 maze grids
  • 22 maze walls
  • 3 tunnels
  • 3 AAA batteries installed in each mouse
  • 1 box spare AAA batteries

Gears! Gears! Gears! Lights & Action

Take your construction creativity to the next level with lights and motion. Complete with power motor, flashing lights, and glow-in-the-dark stickers.gears gears gears

Ages: 5+


  • problem-solving
  • engineering
  • critical thinking
  • fine motor skills


  • 114 building pieces
  • 6 bases
  • 1 power motor
  • 1 instruction booklet

KEVA Maker Bot Maze

The KEVA Maker Bot Maze lets you experiment, innovate, and create with precision-engineered KEVA planks and a variety of doodads and gizmos.KEVA maker bot maze

Ages: 7+


  • basic mechanics
  • physics
  • creative play
  • engineering
  • scientific thinking


  • 1 instruction booklet
  • 38 KEVA wood planks (30 full-size, 8 half-size)
  • 24 KEVA plastic connectors
  • 2 bots
  • 6 spool-shaped wood tumble blocks
  • 3 green plastic bumper balls

Ocean Bingo

A bingo game based on sea life identification.Ocean Bingo

Ages: 6+, up to 6 players


  • matching
  • animal identification
  • rule-based play


  • 1 instruction booklet
  • 1 game board
  • 12 bingo game cards
  • 64 sea animal chips in drawstring cloth bag
  • 200 bingo counters


This super set builds a semi-truck, jumbo jet, and helicopter. We've also included 3 additional builds and lessons that align with Common Core school standards, which introduce things like counting, sorting, shapes, and more. Your child will have a blast building a castle wall and battering ram, happy and sad robots, and a giant pyramid. rokblocks

Ages: 3+


  • engineering
  • basic mechanics
  • creative play
  • design


  • 100 building pieces
  • 2 figures
  • 1 instruction booklet


A fun card game where multiple players can launch shark attacks on each other and win points based on the characteristics of the sharks in their dealt hands.Sharks Discovery Kit

Ages: 8+


  • math (scoring)
  • animal identification
  • rule-based play


  • 32 shark cards
  • 1 rule card
  • 1 card box

Strawbees Inventor Kit

A creative construction kit that makes it possible to connect both straws and cardboard to each other to build anything from a tiny pixie to the biggest you robot you dare to imagine.Strawbees

Ages: 6+


  • design
  • engineering
  • creative play
  • basic mechanics
  • physics


  • 200 recycled plastic straws
  • 250 Strawbees connector pieces (130 single-end, 64 double-end, 32 triple-end, 24 quadruple-end)
  • 1 activity booklet



Assassin's Creed Board Game

This exciting board game is based off of the hit video game franchise.

Players stalk their way through an ancient city in seach of targets to kill and hidden treasures.

Ages: 15+ 

  • 4 character cards
  • 90 action cards
  • 60 event cards
  • 4 player pawns with bases
  • 9 guard pawns with bases
  • 51 tokens
  • 12 point tokens
  • 6-sided die
  • Game board
  • Rule book

Awkward Family Photos Game

This fun game asks players to caption an "awkward family photo" using a selection of quotes from popular movies.

A fun and irreverent way to spend some time with your own "awkward family"!

Ages: 12 - Adult; 4 - 8 Players 

  • Movie Line cards
  • Awkward Family Photo cards
  • Rule booklet

Gloom Card Game

This unique card game tasks you with making sure your characters suffer the most before their deaths, while simultaneously trying to cheer up your opponents.

A grimly entertaining way to pass an evening.

Ages 13+. 2-4 Players. 

  • 110 playing cards
  • Instruction sheet
  • Game box



Play Piano

The piano has long been one of the most popular instruments in the world, and now you can learn to play without the expense of having to buy one.

This fun roll-up keyboard comes with books and videos to help you learn the fundamentals of playing.

Ages: 12 - Adult 

  • Roll-up keyboard
  • Foot pedal
  • Power cord
  • DVD: "Kids' Piano Lesson 2"
  • DVD: "Beginner Piano & Keyboard Lessons"
  • Book: How to Play Keyboard
  • Book: Teaching Little Fingers to Play


The hit word game that is fun to play for all ages is available to check out at the library.Scrabble

Use your collection of letter tiles to try and make words on the board and score as many points as you can.

Ages: 8-Adult; 2-4 players

  • 1 gameboard
  • 100 letter tiles
  • 4 tile racks
  • 1 drawstring letter bag
  • 1 game guide

Treasure Hunt: Metal Detector

You've seen other people find hidden treasures on the beach using a metal detector, so why not give it a try?

This kit has everything you need to get you started with this exciting hobby! Just remember us if you every strike it rich!

Ages: 14+ 

  • Folding metal detector
  • Scoop
  • Trowel
  • Instruction guide
  • Learning guide
  • Book: Metal Detecting: A Beginner's Guide