Strategic Plan 2018-2020

AFPL Strategic Plan in a Glance

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In fall 2016 the Avalon Free Public Library decided to embark upon a new strategic planning process ahead of schedule due to the recent change in administrative leadership. The Planning Committee convened in early 2017 and worked throughout the year to gather data from the community, staff, and other key stakeholders through a staff SWOT analysis and broad community surveying (intercept and online). We crafted a new mission and identified a renewed vision for the organization. Identifying our core values shaped our analysis of the data as we worked to organize the many contributions received into a comprehensive plan that will guide us into the future.

Our use of the word guide is intentional. Public libraries are dynamic organizations that are most successful when they can adapt flexibly to meet changing community needs and utilize emerging technologies and trends. This plan is a living document, intended to inspire and guide our ongoing goals to best meet the needs of the Avalon community while granting us the flexibility to innovate when facing challenges we have yet to consider.

Our planning process led us to the following three strategic initiatives.

  • INCREASE USE - Facilitate maximum community use of library resources and services through local and remote access.
  • SPREAD AWARENESS - Attain widespread community awareness of the full array of library resources and services.
  • FOSTER INNOVATION - Make the Library a creative and dynamic place to be.

PDF iconAvalon Library Strategic Plan 2018-2020.pdf