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hoopla instantly delivers thousands of free movies, television shows, music and audiobooks from major Hollywood studios, record companies and publishers  for streaming on your computer or for temporary download to smartphones, tablets, and Apple TV. All you need is your valid Avalon library card. Get the iOS app or the Android app. Click to watch these brief, informative video tutorials.

NOTE for Windows users: hoopla is currently compatible with all Internet browsers except for Internet Explorer version 11.


Freegal Music

Freegal Music is free source of  popular, downloadable MP3 music, including: over 7 Million songs from ten thousand labels including the labels of Sony Music Entertainment.Tens-of-thousands of popular artists in hundreds of musical genres. 5,000 music videos from popular artists. Easy-to-use website interface with no software to install. DRM-FREE, MP3 files that can be played on ANY device (including iPods).


Music Online

Music Online is a portal to six streaming music databases: Jazz Music Library, Contemporary World Music, Smithsonian Global Sound, Classical Music Library, American Song and Opera in Video.

Jazz Music Library - For online listening of thousands of jazz artists, ensembles, albums, and genres, Jazz Music Library is essential for any jazz history, performance, theory, or music appreciation course. Listen to Chicago jazz, New Orleans Jazz, 1920s jazz, big bands, acid jazz, Latin jazz, and more.

Contemporary World Music - Contemporary World Music takes listeners around the globe to experience the vibrancy, history, customs, politics, personalities, struggles, and joys of diverse peoples and cultures. The breadth of this collection is impressive, incorporating contemporary reggae, worldbeat, neo-traditional, world fusion, Balkanic jazz, African film, Bollywood, Arab swing and jazz, and other genres. Traditional music such as Indian classical, fado, flamenco, klezmer, zydeco, gospel, gagaku is also featured to round out the offerings and allow you to see the progression that music has made through the ages.

Smithsonian Global Sound® for Libraries - Smithsonian Global Sound® for Libraries is a virtual encyclopedia of the world's musical and aural traditions.  The collection includes an extraordinary array of more than 35,000 individual tracks of music, spoken word, and natural and human-made sounds.

Classical Music Library - The Classical Music Library is a fully searchable classical music resource—a comprehensive collection of distinguished classical recordings. It includes tens of thousands of licensed recordings that users can listen to on the Internet.

American Song - American Song is an eclectic collection of music from Americans of diverse origins and all walks of life, from America’s past and present. The songs are by and about American Indians, miners, immigrants, slaves, children, pioneers, cowboys, and ordinary people. They touch topics as varied as Civil Rights, political campaigns, Prohibition, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, anti-war protests, and more. And the range of genres includes country, folk, bluegrass, Western, old time, American Indian, blues, gospel, shape note singing, doo-wop, Motown, R&B, soul, funk, and others

Logging in to Music Online

Begin your login in the section titled "Library Card Credentials". 

1. Select Avalon Free Public Library from the list of participating institutions.

2. Type in your library card number in the entry box just below the list of institutions.

3. Enjoy!

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