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Code of Conduct

The purpose of the Library’s Code of Conduct is to protect the rights of individuals who are in the library to use the materials and services, to assure that staff members are able to conduct library business with minimum interference, and to preserve library materials and facilities.


On the premises of the Library, the violation of any Federal or State Law, or local ordinance will also be considered a violation of library rules.


It is the policy of the Avalon Free Public Library to prohibit:


  • Possession of any weapon.
  • Activities such as assault, battery, larceny, fighting, destruction or theft of property, indecent exposure, obscene conduct, intoxication, endangering of others, impaired ability due to alcohol or drugs, refusal to leave upon closing, disturbances of the peace, aggressive conduct, solicitations whether for legal or illegal purposes, harassment, threatening behavior, loitering, accosting and panhandling.
  • The disturbance of other library patrons and interference with their use and enjoyment of library facilities due to extremely poor personal hygiene, or loud conversation.
  • Smoking in the library.
  • The consumption of food and beverages in the library except when authorized.
  • The consumption and/or possession of alcoholic beverages in the library except as authorized.
  • Unauthorized animals.
  • Entrance to persons  who are not fully clothed (both upper and lower torso) and / or without footwear.
  • Entrance to patrons who are wearing wet bathing suits.
  • Patrons shall not deface library materials, or any other library property.


Patrons who are in violation of any Federal, state, or local law, or are in violation of any of the above mentioned rules may be suspended from the library by the Director or his designee for a period of one month for the first offense, six months for the second offense and one year for the third offense.

Sunday, February 18, 2018